About Us

Our Vision

To be the foremost Consumer Care trade association in the food and drinks, Personal and Home Care industry through unrivalled reputation for quality of its service, membership and systems.

The ICCA Vision

The ICCA Association was founded in April 1994 to facilitate contact and the exchange of information between Consumer Care Managers in the Food and Drinks, Personal and Home Care Industry. The organisation’s aim is to be proactive and improve the service given to consumers contacting Consumer Care Departments by the exchange of information, ideas, and expertise. Members benefit from informal contact with like minded and sympathetic professionals dealing with day to day problems arising in this field. The benefits include:

  • A regular information / Food Law Bulletin
  • Guidelines for the Handling of Consumer Complaints
  • Providing education and training to improve industry standards
  • Understanding and influencing legislation affecting the industry
  • Liaison with other professional bodies
  • Availability of legal advice sympathetic to the industry
  • Opportunity to conduct and participate in ad hoc benchmarking activities

Membership is open to Food and Drink, Personal and Home Care Manufacturers, distributors and their associated companies.

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